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mozy ferno

Beautiful! The brightness may be adjusted, and there are several blinking patterns to choose from. It's really convenient to have it set on a timer! Setting #1 appears to be simple lights (no blinking), however my daughter enjoys blinking, so it's not as bothersome as I anticipated. It defaults to the last pattern you set when on timer.

Sony kajol

Great device with a variety of lighting options and a remote control. I bought them to hang above my daughter's bed on her tulle castle house. It appears to be rather lovely. I'll have to acquire some more for my room!!! So lovely!!

Florida Fernandez

I love the quality and the selection of the lights that are offered at Accent Lighting. Very pleased with the service, choices and prices. Something for every budget. I want to thank Accent lightings for going the extra mile and finding a missing jewel for the light we wanted. I really appreciate the products available on this website. Out of hundreds of lightings in other websites, which I have tested, stripped down and completed a full analysis of. None have had the design, price range refinement and overall quality as your Accent and the customers can choose their products out of their satisfaction.  I'm very impressed.


I was very delighted to see the products mainly LED lights which will be very useful in indoor lightings. This website provides a wide range variety of indoor lighting stuffs so that people can choose according to their choice.

Jony Ebraham

I chose accent lightings because I simply could not find any other website with a wide range of varieties that I needed under one platform. I really like all the products available on this website. You can explore a wide range of indoor lights available in styles to suit any space. You can create a cosy, comfortable atmosphere with the latest indoor lightings available on the website.