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The lights are simple to install and adhere well to a wall. Initially, I strung all four strips end-to-end, but then I saw that the light colour at the very end was considerably different from the beginning.


It's fantastic! It's really bright, and it's dimmable if I want it to be. There are a lot of colours to select from, and it's really responsive. I expect the glue to stay on for a long time because it appears to be quite tenacious and does not come off easy.

Saniya maria

The strip's lights can be tuned to a wide range of colours. When choosing a colour or pattern, make sure it's the same for all four strips. Individually addressable LEDs are not available. If you want specific functionality, such as light chasing patterns or each LED being a different colour than its neighbours, you'll have to look at a different type of LED Strip.


My kids are completely enamoured with the LED lights that hang from their beds! They come with a remote control, and installation is as simple as wiping the surface, peeling it off, and sticking it back on. I used black electrical tape to help it bend around some of the odd bends and stay in place. These come in a variety of colours and flash/fade styles.

Esha gupta

It's fantastic! It's really bright, and it's dimmable if I want it to be. There are a lot of colours to select from, and it's really responsive. I expect the glue to stay on for a long time because it appears to be quite tenacious and does not come off easy.

Adwil rona

Because it connects to a wall charger, the only battery you'll need is the one in the remote. Obviously, I'm quite impressed!!

Mariya albert

This tiny kid is adorable!! I've thoroughly liked it in the few days that I've had it, and I want to buy another for my daughter!! It's rather lovely, and it does get light.

Jqualine ranout

I've always wanted a moon lamp, and finding one with a starry background was a fantastic find. I adore this light; it is both peaceful and lovely. When charged, it can be used without the plug, although it will light up in a softer light rather than the stronger light it produces when turned on. You can adjust the brightness, and in addition to the 16 colours on the remote, there are four colour transition options. I prefer fade since it mixes from one colour to the next.

Urvashi retuela

This is a pretty basic concept and design...light, it's the globe lamp keeps cool, and the material appears to be durable enough to take a few knocks and be handled (it's battery driven and portable), making it ideal for a child's room. It's also simple to put together.

christina william

This is actually a really cool, extremely good night light alternative. Because using my phone's light requires me to blind myself to kingdom come before I get a chance to turn it on, I only sleep with one to navigate my room at night. Not only can you regulate the brightness and colour with something like this, but it's also wireless! There's even a little remote! You can easily pick it up and carry it about with you. It's bright enough to not be blinding (even at its highest setting), but not dim enough to be useless. It doesn't bother me in the least when I use it as a night light. That, of course, depends on where you keep it.


Beautiful yellow lights in the background. The size of the bulbs and the appearance of these café lights appeal to me. It was well-packaged. I'm not concerned about the bulbs shattering because they have a light plastic/glass feel to them. So far, everything has gone well!

Hansika retuela

These lights give us a lot of pleasure. They're little, but they're vibrant. They dress up the outdoors and create a great mood to our balcony. My smart plug is programmed to turn on and off at specific times. All of my neighbours have asked for the link to purchase these as well. Mine don't have a remote or any additional features, which we don't mind at all.


The lighting is incredible. It's really similar to what you'll see in a lot of modern outdoor patios. These are hung inside my flat and look amazing. If you have a high ceiling, this would be an excellent addition.

Jaison Jose

These are fantastic! They create the exact atmosphere I was searching for. They looked great in my kitchen and gave it a Mexican cantina ambiance. I also enjoy

Thomson albert

I started with these lights as we were cleaning up our patio area for Spring and Summer. Because we are renting and don't want to damage the exterior, I also purchased 3M outdoor removable adhesive hooks. B00SH2CDCG is the ASIN number for this item. These lights provide enough warm light for us to see and walk around the deck, but just enough of the lovely warm glow that we adore! They've already been through snow and rain in the short time I've had them up, and they're still going strong. One additional bulb was included with mine.

mozy ferno

Beautiful! The brightness may be adjusted, and there are several blinking patterns to choose from. It's really convenient to have it set on a timer! Setting #1 appears to be simple lights (no blinking), however my daughter enjoys blinking, so it's not as bothersome as I anticipated. It defaults to the last pattern you set when on timer.

Sony kajol

Great device with a variety of lighting options and a remote control. I bought them to hang above my daughter's bed on her tulle castle house. It appears to be rather lovely. I'll have to acquire some more for my room!!! So lovely!!

Florida Fernandez

I love the quality and the selection of the lights that are offered at Accent Lighting. Very pleased with the service, choices and prices. Something for every budget. I want to thank Accent lightings for going the extra mile and finding a missing jewel for the light we wanted. I really appreciate the products available on this website. Out of hundreds of lightings in other websites, which I have tested, stripped down and completed a full analysis of. None have had the design, price range refinement and overall quality as your Accent and the customers can choose their products out of their satisfaction.  I'm very impressed.


I was very delighted to see the products mainly LED lights which will be very useful in indoor lightings. This website provides a wide range variety of indoor lighting stuffs so that people can choose according to their choice.

Jony Ebraham

I chose accent lightings because I simply could not find any other website with a wide range of varieties that I needed under one platform. I really like all the products available on this website. You can explore a wide range of indoor lights available in styles to suit any space. You can create a cosy, comfortable atmosphere with the latest indoor lightings available on the website.